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Mar. 16 - Mar. 31

Legacy of the Force Miniatures Previews


We got some new previews of Miniatures, Deena Shan and Han Solo. Click on the images for more information.

Indiana Jones Shop opens April 1st!

Lucasfilms Opens April 1st with a HUGE 1-Day Sale!

10% OFF of everything in the store!

Sale on 4/1/2008 from 12:01am to 11:59pm EST

Visit this page on April 1st:

An Exclusive Perk!

Vintage Indiana Jones Marvel Comic Books were discovered in the Lucasfilm Archives. For all Orders over $100.00*, one comic will be randomly selected and included with your order for FREE!**

Here is a sample of what you will find in the Official Store:

*Exclusive: Original Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Theatrical Poster
*Exclusive: Original Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 1984 Theatrical Poster
*Exclusive: T-Shirts and Accessories
*Shared Exclusive: Gentle Giant Bronze Indy on Horse Statue
*Shared Exclusive: Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide Collectors Edition
*Full line of new Hasbro Indiana Jones action figures and toys

Be one of the first to visit on April 1st for the great deals and vintage comic giveaway!

*Not including shipping
**While supplies last

Detailed R2 from Clone wars

From comes a detailed R2-D2. Now we know what the front arms are for!

Clone Wars Ultimate Battle Pack

Looks like there's going to be a Clone Wars Ultimate Battle Pack this year next to some rumors of other Ultimate Battle Packs.

Clone Wars Ultimate Battlepack: 087-06-2070

Selling for: $59.99

Target's computer system has detected this Ultimate Battle Pack coming soon. No other further information was provided but it's most likely a Target exclusive. Click on the image to join us in our discussion over this myserious Clone Wars Pack.


Star Wars Airplane?!

From MintInBox:

The Exhibition held in this moment in Brussels will be moving to Sweden! Although the opening is scheduled only for 28 June the advertising countryside with already started... It is nothing less than one plane which is used as advertising sign!

NYCC Gentle Giant Information

 From Gentle Giant:

Mark your calendars for the upcoming New York Comic Con to be held at the Javits Center in New York City, beginning on Friday, April 18th and continuing through Sunday, April 20th. Come out and visit Gentle Giant Ltd at booth 923!

Convention Exclusives

Indian Jones Artifact Crate Paperweight (3 collections) $35 each
Each crate features a detachable magnetic whip and fedora, a removable crate lid and rubber snakes. Collections are randomly packed. Every crate will contain one of three artifact collections. Collection 1 includes: the Golden Idol and Temple Tablet. Collection 2 includes: the Sankara Stones and Holy Grail Cup. Collection 3 includes the Krystal Skull.

Tom Bombadil Mini Bust $55 each
The elusive character from the Lord of the Rings literature has been brought to life by our Gentle Giant artisans. Tom is known to many; as the master of wood, water and hill within the borders of his land. Gentle Giant captures the spirit of Tom Bombadil in this detailed mini bust; from the gleam in his eyes to his signature blue coat and the feather in his hat.

Fred & George Weasley Mini Bust (2 pack) $90 for 2 pack
Where there's one Weasley twin the other can't be far behind. Gentle Giant Ltd. offers its Harry Potter collectors this unique 2 pack! Fred and George are up to their old shenanigans! Fred offers a treat from their Skiving Snackboxes while George laughs hysterically on the side lines.

30 Days of Night Iris or Marlow Action Figure Feeding Frenzy Edition $30 each
Each include: Action figure with base, liquid filled (bloody) mouse pad and Bonus comic book. Randomly selected packages may include an authentic movie prop patch (Barrow Sheriff Department or Alaska Fire Marshall.)

*** Due to unavoidable delays in production, we ARE NOT taking pre-orders for pick ups at New York Comic Con. All exclusive products available at the show will be allocated daily so there will be product available to attendees for all 3 days of the show.

Sales of products will begin 1 hour after the show opens to the general public daily (see below.) Exhibitors will only be allowed to purchase on Sunday, April 20th.

Friday, April 18th - Sales begin at 4:00 pm

Saturday, April 19th - Sales begin at 11:00 am

Sunday, April 20th - Sales begin at 11:00 am

However, if you are a Premier Guild Member, we will have the exclusive products debuted at NYCC available for purchase on our website approximately 1 week after the convention ends. More information will be sent out regarding the details of this offer.

Star Wars Robot Chicken now on DVD!



Featuring the Voices of STAR WARS Creator George Lucas and Guests Conan O'Brien, Seth MacFarlane, Hulk Hogan and More; Special Bonus-Laden DVD Arrives on July 22nd
In homage to one of the biggest adventure sagas in cinematic history, Adult Swim über-creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich incorporated tons of plastic action figures, brilliant execution of stop-motion animation and a touch of the Force to create the Robot Chicken: STAR WARS special -- and now it makes its way to a bonus-feature filled DVD from Warner Home Video and Adult Swim on July 22nd.

Seth Green tells exclusively, "Being a lifelong Star Wars fan, it's mindblowing to have made a Star Wars project that isn't for exclusive viewing in my living room. So obviously, we're thrilled to get this out and let people have it for exclusive viewing in their living rooms."

The Robot Chicken: STAR WARS DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $14.97 and boasts a wide range of bonus features including:
Chicken Nuggets (Sketch by Sketch Video Commentary)
Animation Meeting
On-Air Bumps
Behind-the-Scenes Featurette
Deleted Scenes
Alternate Audio
Time Lapse Sequences
Photo Gallery
STAR WARS Celebration IV Convention Panel Presentation
Production Design Featurette
Episode Commentary -- more than two hours

 Click here to read more!

Battlefield's Order 66 Reviews - Part 2


Battlefield has just got some more Order 66 packs and up for reivew. Check it out by clicking on the images!

Yodascorch's update on his Collection!

...with a new painted wall and lighting. Check it out!

Harrison Ford to sign for Official Pix again!

Official Pix is very proud to announce our next signing with blockbuster actor, Harrison Ford!

Mr. Ford will once again be signing our licensed Han Solo photographs! The 8x10 inch signed STAR WARS image will be come bagged, boarded, and include our numbered certificate of authenticity (COA) and are expected to ship in late April.

We will begin this pre-order Friday March 28th at 2pm Central Time at

Guess who's coming to a Comic Pack in 2009?!



That's right. We've got some good news for you, indeed! Talk more about this mysterious figure in our forums!

New Titanium Die Cast Vehicles coming your way!

Hasbro has updated their latest news with new titanium vehicles. Check out their website for more information on these cool looking vehicles that you don't want to miss.

Golf Anyone?


Sculpted art or sporting good? We'll let you decide which best describes Bridgestone Sports' new pair of Star Wars golf bags, each highly stylized in the guise of Darth Vader or a stormtrooper. These amazing golf bags from Japan will soon be available for a suggested retail price of 50,000 JPY, or about $500. Also down range are three golf club covers sporting Vader, stormtrooper, and TIE fighter designs, as well as Star Wars-themed ball markers.

With such an inspired set of Star Wars golfware, can a caddy-droid be far behind?

Check it out at!

Star Wars Order 66 pack Reviews by Battlefield

More reviews from Battlefield but this time they are new and fresh from Target! Check out these new reviews by clicking on the images!

The Transformation of AFC - Picture Preivews Added!

Check it out if you haven't already done so to see the preivews of the new upcoming Photonovel! The transformation starts on Sunday...

Order 66 finds here at Plo Koon Series!

PKS forum member, Battlefield, is the first here to find and get the new order 66 2-packs from Target! Nice catch, Battlefield!

The 2009 Star Wars Calandar is here!

...And earlier then expected. has some for pre-ordering and the preliminary cover and artwork for January. Check it out and tell us what you think!



UPDATE: 2 new calandars added!

Lucas says Indy 4 will be the suck?

 From Latino

From Entertainment Weekly comes this interview with George Lucas. Here he talks about Indy 4:

How are you feeling about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? Feeling good?
Oh, yeah, we had a great time making it.

Are you nervous about it in any way?
No, no, it's a great film
. Will it beat [
The Dark Knight]? I don't know. But we'll certainly give Batman a run for their money.

Are you going to do another Indiana Jones movie after this one?
That I don't know. We do these one at a time and we do them purely for the fun of it, which means that if we've got too many other things going on — Steve [Spieberg]
's got a couple more movies, he's got
Chicago Seven, he's got all this stuff backed up for years — who knows? At least I'm at a point now where I can just enjoy myself and be creative and not have to worry about people getting crazy or trying to make decisions around me or anything. And I'm to a point now where if it isn't successful, it's not the end of the world. It's always a disappointment when it doesn't turn out, but sometimes you know it's not going to turn out. I've [also]] seen other people's movies that I had really high hopes for — I said, ''Oh, this is going to be great'' — and I'd see it and it is great, but it falls flat and nobody goes to see it. You know, I loved Across the Universe, it's a brilliant film. I wish I had made it — I don't think I'm talented enough to do that. But at the same time, it just [motions like it blew away] pffffff. It's too bad. That's the saddest part right there: Something that you think is really good and should work and people should enjoy it, and they don't.

But you're confident that Indiana Jones will work?
Yeah, well, this one, we know that for the fans it won't be the movie
that they have been making in their minds for the last 19 years, so they all get bent out of shape. A lot of the critics forget that they didn't like the first three, and so they get off on this one, too —
or it's not the Second Coming. And, yeah, we didn't make it bigger and better, we made it exactly the same. So if you loved the other ones, you'll love this one. But if you expect to have F-14s flying under freeways — that isn't there. It's just another period adventure movie with this wacky archaeologist. It's funny. I think it's funnier than the other ones, and it's exciting. So it's got all the stuff that all the other ones have. And Harrison's great in it.

Click here to read the entire interview.

Star Wars Celebration 5 Rumors in Chicago?

Star Wars Action News has reported in their recent podcast that Steve sansweet made a few announcements at Jedi-Con regarding the Star Wars Celebrations. Rebelscummer Dustin went to talk with him.

 SWAN reports: Celebrations will continue worldwide every year after Celebration Japan.

Sansweet: I said we would very much like to continue Celebrations every year somewhere in the world, but we won’t be making any decisions until sometime after Celebration Japan.

SWAN reports: Rick McCallum is pushing hard for a Celebration Australia.

Sansweet: I said Rick would love to see a Celebration happen in Australia so we’ll look to see if that is possible.

SWAN reports: Celebration Europe II will happen in Berlin.

Sansweet: I said we certainly hope to do another Celebration in Europe, and maybe someday we could do Germany. I personally would love to see a Celebration in Berlin.

SWAN reports: Celebration V is very likely in 09, with Chicago the frontrunner as the venue.

Sansweet: We are hoping to do a Celebration in the U.S. next year, and we’ll be looking at Midwest locations like Chicago as well as some further east.

Everything isn't set to stone yet. There could be some changes but it might look like we'll be having another celebration soon!

New Dark Horse Comic Shipping this week!


From Dark Horse Comics brings you the new addition for your comic collection. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic should be arriving at your local comic store anytime soon. if you can wait to see it, then click here!

2008 Order 66 Found!

Rebelscum member, vadarthdad, has found the Target Exclusive Order 66 2-packs using DCPI code (087-06-0884)!

Click here for more info on his amazing find!

The Transformation of AFC poster!

Check it out here!

Other Reviews on: Star Wars Figures


Just like the Hao 3 Figures, PKS member Battlefield keeps making these awesome reviews. Click on the images to read their reviews.

Reviews on: Halo 3 Figures


PKS member, Battlefield, has been pumping these reviews alot with this Halo 3 figure. They may not be Star Wars or Indiana Jones, but they're still is cool. Click on the image to read his reviews.

Don't forget! We still have Figure Awards!

Every 2 months we look at each line of figures and vote for the one figure we love the most. The Power of the Force figure award has been going on for a long time and we need more votes!

So cast in your votes if you haven't already done so here. There are many polls up to vote from. After April is finished, we will go to the finals by voting from all the winners of the polls into one Award.

Jedi-Con Exclusive Shadow Troopers Sold Online 


Word is that these Jedi-Con Exclusives in Düsseldorf, Germany will be sold online as well. Miracle Images, the distributor of these figures, will limit the purchase to 2 of these exclusives in the event. At £15, these exclusive figures WILL now make it to online purchases..

UPDATE: This pack is now sold in for $16.99 and shipping is expected to be around April.

More information to come. Stay tuned...

The Official 2008 Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge!


Looks like the 2008 Fan Movie Challenge has arrived! Submissions are due by May 27 se get them in ASAP! Click on the image for more information.

Or see what your fellow PKS forum members think about your film and others here.

Star Wars Fans Prepare to Boycott for Fanboys


Outraged Star Wars fans are lining up a protest against the Weinstein Company, which they say recut and ruined the film Fanboys. Read more about this outrage here.

Ian McDiarmid, who played Palpatine, is in Indiana Jones 4

Dark Horizons and reported that Ian McDiarmid has been added to the cast listing of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. They also report that McDiarmid will be reprising a role that he portrayed in a episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

2008 Disney Toys Coming Soon!

That's right. We now have a first look at the new toys coming out for Disney in 2008. Click each link to view these amazing toys:

Star Wars Muppet Figure Set


Star Wars Disney Action Figure Set - Series 2

 Indiana Jones Mickey ActionFigure

Star Wars Racers - Series 2

Padme & Leia Figural Dress Sets


Thanks to for these amazing pictures!

Rebelscummer Cramer brings us an way to pose your figures!


From, our fellow member, Cramer, has given us the opportunity to pose our figures as if we were working for Hasbro. Pose your figures, take a picture, post it and get a chance to win for the best poser of the forums!

Look it up in our forum for more information.

George Lucas talks about Clone Wars Movie & Live TV Show

Click here to see Lucas talk about the Clone Wars movie and the new Star Wars Live TV show. IGN Talks about what's on Georges mind for the new Clone Wars movie (looks like running for 100 episodes) and the Live Action TV show (which looks like it's coming out 2010).

Legacy of the Force Miniatures Previews


Here are some previews of three new miniatures from & Click on the image and scroll down for some amazing pictures!

Slideshow Collectibles: Padmé VS Nexu Is Up!


Slideshow has opened the pre-order on the Padmé VS Nexu Polystone Diorama. Just click on the link or picture to go to the website and pre-order yours now!

Slideshow Collectibles: ACME Vader Giclée


 Vader - Small Giclée on Canvas is now up for pre-order from Acme Archives! Click on the link or picture above to pre-order yours now!

Detailed Picture of V-19 Vehicle in Attack Position

Jedi temple Archives also got a new detailed look at the V-19 Torrent Fighter vehicle coming out later this year. Compared to the comic, they both seem to look alike.

SDCC Exclisive Holographic Emperor & Darth Vader!


Jedi Temple Archives got their first look at the San Diego Comic Con exclisive Holographic Emperor & Darth Vader! You can find this exclusive figure when you attend SDCC.

Slideshow Collectibles Update: Praji's Getting Closer 


From Sideshow Collectibles will be authorizing credit cards for the Commander Praji 1/6 scale Militaries Of Star Wars figure pre-orders in the next ten days. The figure is en route to their California warehouse and Collectors can expect to see this figure arriving at their doors in the next few weeks.

Free Comic Book Day - Contains Star Wars Miniatures


Although you local comic store won't contain your free Star Wars comic book, it will contain 3 miniatures figures on May 3rd 2008. So stop on by your local stores to pick these up!


Saga Legends 2008 Fans' Choice Cases in Japan

        Shadow Stormtrooper   Commander Neyo (Treachery on Saleucami)   Utapau Shadow Trooper   Covert Ops Clone Trooper   Zev Senesca (Snowspeeder Pilot)

News has it that Japan has been getting these fans' Choice figures in solid cases for each figure. Althought there is no word on other countries getting these yet, they are scheduled to be shipping in June.

Talk more about it here!

New Galactic Heroes Found!

New Galactic Heroes wave 16 packs have been arriving around Singapore and the Target-exclusive Sets have been seen around your local Target. So stop on buy your local stores to see if any of these packs are avalible today!

Target LEGO on sale!!!

News over on say that ALL of Target's Star Wars LEGO is having a sale. Check out your local stores! 

Force Unleashed now on TRU!


The Force Unleashed evolutions pack is now on it out!

R4-P17 Trash Can


This 23 inches tall droid is now your little trash can. Entertainment Earth released this so you can have a place to throw away your trash. This is a great astro-trash to get and there are only 500 pieces of him. So get the R4-P17 trash can before they're sold out!

New Section - HOME PAGE

A new section has been added to the forum.


Check it out and talk about the latest stuff that goes on here at the home page!

Republic Commando: Delta Squad


PKS member, Commando Scorch, brings us a new photonovel called "Republic Commando: Delta squad".  With new missions happening to delta squad, will they survive all of them?

Check it out!

Coming soon: The Transformation of AFC

AFC's vacation week, appearing this week, will lead the transformation of the Action Figure Club forever!

Click here for more information

New Clone Wars photonovel coming your way...

PKS member, TheDreamMaster, has shown us that he's going to make a photonovel exclusively for Plo Koon Series!

Check it out here!


This week, AFC has it's week on vacation. Tune in for some action figure comedy going out on vacation!

Plo Koon Series forums

Check it out here.

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Here you can find the Plo Koon Series photonovel and any other star wars needs.

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